From selfies with prominent figures to in-depth discussions about blockchain's past, present, and future, three experts from Webmob Software Solutions took part in the much-awaited second annual gathering of builders, founders, investors, and strategists in an Algorand event called Decipher 2022. 

Sachin Gupta (Business Development Head), Chahat Bhateja (Corda Certified Blockchain Developer), and Prakash Shelar (Senior Blockchain Developer) were part of Algorand’s Decipher 2022, which was initially part of the Global Algorand Community.  

This three-day mega event started on the bright morning of November 29, 2022, and ended on the pleasant evening of November 31, 2022, in Dubai. The whole time the staggering auditorium was jam-packed with over 2000 in-person guests, nearly four times the number of participants in 2021. This amount of energy and enthusiasm was enough to tell the community's belief in blockchain technology.  

Silvia Micali, the founder of Algorand and an MIT Turing award recipient, kicked off the event with his speech where he expressed, “We believe in true decentralization. We believe in transparency. We believe that unnecessary intermediaries must be prevented. We believe that technology is profoundly human and has the power to improve our lives.” In his speech, he mentioned the accomplishments of Algorand and discussed future expansion plans for it. 

For Webmob Software Solution, Decipher2022 became a mesmerizing place to talk with visionary founders of top projects, prolific builders, award-winning cryptographers, strategic investors, and innovative creators. Our team had a fruitful conversation about the latest developer tools, protocol upgrades, and whitespace opportunities. They have attended sessions on blockchain interoperability, financial inclusions, defi, NFTs, gaming, and the metaverse. In their delightful voyage, they also made new connections to strengthen and grow the Algorand community. 

The event featured speakers like Algorand Foundation CEO Staci Warden, Napster CEO Jon Vlassopulos, Quantum Temple Founder Linda Adami, Arrington Capital Founder Michael Arrington, and over 130 other key partners and industry leaders and have talked about networking, protocols, and exploring new use cases for DeFi, stablecoins, digital identity, web 3 economy, and beyond 

Decipher 2022 concluded on a high note, with some of the most exciting news, including the introduction of Algorand Ventures, the appointment of Anil Kakani as its India Country Head, the borderless capital's historic collaboration, and much more. 

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