Money Market - CORDA & Algorand

Instimatch’s platform is built on R3’s trust technology—powered by its enterprise grade DLT, Corda. Corda was chosen for its regulatory-grade privacy, security and high scalability.

Money Market - CORDA & Algorand

case study

Company: Instimatch Global

Offices: Switzerland, United Kingdom & Qatar


Industry: Finance

Technology: R3 CORDA and Algorand Blockchain

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Instimatch’s platform is extremely easy to use, offing a simple web interface where users select the currency they wish to trade in, then enter orders as either Bids and Offers, or Request for Quotes (RFQ). Users can also counter orders that are already visible on the grid. Prices can then be negotiated with the counter party using structured popups or via a systemwide chat. When a trade is concluded, its details are archived immutably on Corda. Authorized participants also receive system-generated confirmations via email and/or Instimatch’s auto transaction capture (ATC) interface, which enables straight through processing (STP).

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