NFT Marketplace - CRONOS

The NFT Marketplace solutions bring users a mind-blowing platform to buy and sell their NFTs. The NFT growth is estimated to rise by 100% more in 2021 than the previous year.

NFT Marketplace - CRONOS

case study

Wallet: Metamask

Segment: Collectables

Industry: eCommerce

Platform: NFT Marketplace

Consensus: POA – Proof of Acceptance

Technology: CRONOS Blockchain

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets on a blockchain that can be uniquely identified. This includes things like art, sports cards and games music videos etc., where each individual unit has its own properties which cannot be changed or altered in any way to make them different from one another – this makes it possible for users who don’t know much about cryptocurrencies yet still want access these cool projects easier by simply collecting NFT’s instead!

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