Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Just like brushing our teeth in the morning, scrolling through our phones early morning has become a routine. As we scroll through our Instagram and Facebook feeds every day, we come across various new posts and start to like or share them because of their great content and pleasing aesthetics. Social media marketing plays an important role to promote one’s business or product with the help of mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr. The content for these platforms should be uniquely tailored and must help reach the potential audience to metamorphose them into conversions and alleviate brand awareness. Here is how social media marketing helps to enhance the growth of your company.

1. It helps to increase brand awareness. Social media marketing is the most sought-after technique that has proven to boost the awareness of your brand by driving considerable engagement with the help of likes, comments, shares, and reposts. It helps you reach the right audience and connect with them directly. 2. It helps to generate more leads and boost conversions with the help of promoting and sharing your products and content. 3. It is a great way to foster relationships with your potential customers. This can be done by staying in regular touch with them by responding to their queries and comments, conducting polls or helping them with a quick turnaround. The Internet marketing industry is equipped with a massive range of social media marketing tools that help to enhance the brand success with the utmost ease. Not only they help you reach the right audience but also aids you in monitoring the consistent growth efforts that you make with these tools. Hence, here is a detailed guide to the top 8 social media marketing tools that you must include in your bucket list to attain the desired success of your brand.

1. Grum – Instagram has taken the world by storm. The entire day, our fingers are scrolling through the feed and we don’t seem to get enough of what’s coming up next. This social media platform has revolutionized the marketing potential and engagement to a great extent. If you own a business and posting through your mobile phone on Instagram is a tedious task, then Grum brings to you a perfect solution. It helps you to post on Instagram with the help of your PC. You can also make most of their scheduled post time and swapping between different accounts. It doesn’t compromise on quality while editing or cropping the pictures in any way.

2. – helps you track all your online activities. This tool provides custom URLs to help you measure your social insights. It is an incredible way to analyze which social media platforms derive the most traffic from the content your post often. It is essential to keep a check on this tool to monitor the regular growth activities of your brand.

3. Canva – It is a renowned tool that every entrepreneur from small business to the big multinational company has been using for creating perfect visual content. With the help of this handy tool, you can create the most attractive and quality visuals despite being a non- designer. This tool is equipped with a huge variety of premium images, custom layouts & overlays and stunning font selections. You can create eBook covers, photo collage, custom outlays with the help of this tool.

4. Animoto – Video is perhaps the best strategy to capture the attention of your audience. Hence, it is important to make it precisely informative with the right themes and templates. Animoto does a great job for you. It helps you reach out to the right customers with the help of a video that not only looks appealing but also spreads the right message among them. The greatest advantage of this stunning social media tool is that it helps you add text overlays throughout the video which helps customers know what is happening even if the volume is down! Rest assured and enhance your brand awareness with videos which are certain to receive more shares than theoretical content.

5. Viral Content Bee – Improve your social content promotion and drive traffic easily with Viral Content Bee. It helps you put your content in the form of targeted customers who are interested to share it over platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It is a smartly designed tool that helps the influencers to share your content automatically as per the interest of their readers or followers.

6. Venngage – Venngage is a great tool to help you create quality and engaging content with the help of infographics. It is a great way to help you put together your entire information in the most presentable manner with the help of data templates and graphic designs. Pair them with the right pictures and wait for the perfect kind of response that you have always been wanting to gain.

7. Brand24 – If you wish to know and track everything about your brand mentions or tags on social media, then Brand24 is a perfect tool for you. This tool you a peculiarly designed dashboard that makes it easier for you to locate mentions with ease over massively spread social space.

8. Reply – It is another effective tool that helps you link your social media accounts with customer care team for great customer service experience. It helps you connect all your mentions, direct messages, personal messages, tags and searches to a support ticket that is handled by the dedicated team in a single inbox. As per a study, an average customer expects a response from a brand within 60 minutes of their query. Hence, with the help of Reply, you can fasten up your turnaround time to get the maximum response.

Provided that social media tools have been evolving every other day, ensure that you choose the right tools based upon the purpose of your brand and its requirements. Not all social media marketing tools are meant for your business type. Hence, it is important to seek help from an expert that can help you analyze your current social media presence and how you can work upon it with the right tools.

Ensure to focus on your business goals and achieve them conveniently with the most effective marketing tools.