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Money Market

Our digital network enables a global community of institutional borrowers and lenders to make valuable trading connections and put liquidity to work. Clients using our network include banks, corporations, pension funds, asset managers, family offices, insurance companies and municipalities.

The digital network offers a wide range of functionalities and products. Our main goal is to provide a fast, secure and user-friendly trading network for institutional clients from diverse sectors and countries, leveraging the latest Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). We decided to develop our applications on a permissioned blockchain because of higher levels of trust, security and speed. To do so we chose the DLT infrastructure provider R3, which created the open source blockchain platform CORDA.

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Scoutency revolutionizes, optimizes and professionalizes the international handball transfer market, with endless possibilities. Its an innovative digital platform, named as “Scoutency – The Handball Platform”, which offered players, agents and clubs the opportunity to benefit from one another and experience the new era of competitive handball for themselves through transparent digital presence and easy of exchange!

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Trade Finance

Trade Finance application on Blockchain is robust architecture and defining letter of credit for the application. Hence, we identified the parties that had to be included on the application and so we defined their respective node structure. The node structure defined the node of the party on the Corda DLT platform which was accessible through an RPC connection.

Next, We developed a customized smart contract structure to issue the LC on the DLT platform.. The LC was saved as a draft on the immutable ledger which was shared among the different parties as per the traditional use case. Key Corda features such as states, contracts, and flows were the basic building block of the application.

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trade finance

Non Fungible Tokens

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a trending platform globally, and millions of users have moved forward in gaining some exposure in the trade market.

The NFT Marketplace solutions bring users a mind-blowing platform to buy and sell their NFTs. The NFT growth is estimated to rise and its value has never fluctuated with significant differences in the marketplace.

Taking a big leap forward and strengthening its command over the blockchain technology, Webmob has experience building NFT Marketplaces over the most illustrious platforms.

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Taxation is a complex financial topic; it becomes more complicated with larger volumes and ever-changing regulations.

Webmob delivered a SaaS based Blockchain & Machine Learning powered platform bringing e2e transactional transparency, traceability, and compliance; Helping banks, SMEs, corporates & tax regulators eliminate manual VAT processes.

The platform is Plug and Play and facilitates preparation, verification and processing of VAT returns and invoices in real-time.


Commodity Trading

This customized platform is aimed at providing service excellence to the Islamic Financial Industry.

It will provide traders with access to Shariah-compliant Commodity Trading and encourage technological innovation through provision of responsible & sustainable intermediary services.

Associated Documents will be stored on-chain along with the trade trails.

Decentralized Finance

A Decentralized Banking application, uses various protocols to provide services in different sectors like; Anchor – Decentralized Finance protocol which provides high interest rate per year for deposits made in Terra UST (Stable Coin of Terra), Mirror (Decentralized Stock Finance protocol) which creates synthetics which track the real-world assets.

The purpose is to provide rich interest rates of Decentralized Finance and Asset Marketing on Blockchain to an average user with limited knowledge.

Other functionalities allow users of the Ethereum Blockchain ecosystem to make use of their Stablecoins on Ethereum network and have them deposited into the Anchor DEFI through a complex procedure which involves Bridging and Wrapped Tokens.


Digital Exchange

This is the High-volume Trading e-Auction for Swiss Fintech with automated trading option implemented using R3 CORDA. Ripple library is used for digital payments.

OTC Trading Platform

A fully automated digital Loan management platform. We digitalize the loan into CORDA Tokens allowing a faster and more efficient administration of all lifecycle events. Our OTC peer-to-peer trading platform allows secondary trading of loan tokens at any time before maturity of the loans.


DeFi Lending Protocols

In the Defi space lending pool protocols have gained so much attention and their Total Value Locked (TVL) is worth billion dollars. The success of DeFi lies in anonymity, any user can lend/borrow assets while earning interest rates without any centralized third-party or KYC verification – all thanks to smart contracts!

Webmob has build prototype for DeFi Lending over the AAVE platform.

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